When I looked into your eyes

I could search eternity trying to find the words to describe the essence of you.

The truth is, what we had is not of the physical world.

There is nothing in this universe that could create another you. You were one in forever.

It’s as if our souls grew close and became one. One energy in synergy in time.

My heart is leaking. Leaking. love,laughter,sorrow and joy.

How on earth were you able to leave such a big hole in my soul?

Baaabo! Mmmm Chub chub!

Rome… as the day is light until the stars are bright, I will think of you.

I never truly knew love, until I found love with you.



Journalist @Bristollive @SomersetLive @Gloslive Harnessing light where there is darkness Views are my own

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